Megan Thee Stallion - Thot Shit [Official Video]

The official video for Megan Thee Stallion's “Thot Shit” - Out Now!
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Production Co:
Written and Directed by Aube Perrie
Executive Producer: Boris Labourguigne
Producers: Nick Callais, Sarah Park
Associate Producer: Adam Armesto
Creative Direction: Louise Mekylla Bachir \u0026 Aube Perrie
1st AD: Ev Salomon
DP: Christopher Ripley
Production Designer: Brittany Porter
Key Wardrobe: Joey Thao
Key Hair: “J Touch” Reed
Key Makeup: Ally McGillicuddy
Prosthetics: Chelsea Delfino
Editor: Emilie Aubry, Niles Howard
Color: Company 3 - Matt Osborne
VFX: Mathematic - Fabien Coupez
Sound: Kouz - Sylvain Pierre, Bruno Porret

Choreographer: JaQuel Knight

Assistant Choreographers:
Darina Littleton
Ramone Wilkinson

Choreography Producer:
Jordan Snyder

Amandy Fernandez
Ashley Seldon
Bianca Brewton
Brittany Parks
Cayla “CayDee” Evans
Corbin Hunter
Darina Littleton
Denee Baptiste
Dominique Loude
Kacie Garland
Makia Chantel
Shyanne Lindsay
Taylor Terry

CAST - Politician: Skip Pipo

Artist Style \u0026 Glam
Stylist: Sammy K
Make Up: Priscilla Ono
Hair: Kellon Deryck

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(832) 210-1202

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© 2021 1501 Certified Ent LLC under exclusive license to 300 Entertainment


  1. Megan Thee Stallion

    Megan Thee Stallion

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    Stream "Thot Shit" on all platforms: 😛 😛

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      @Ramón Zapata Wap Volume 2

    • Why Can't You Sub?

      Why Can't You Sub?

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      Wap Volume 2

    • blackstrings


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      No yucky

    • Latoya Hill

      Latoya Hill

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      Hey Megan you are EVERYTHING LOVE the SONG AND VIDEO!!!

    • Angel Rojas

      Angel Rojas

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      Yasss Queen!!

  2. Tanner Wagoner

    Tanner Wagoner

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    Wtf is this video

  3. Ádám


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    Wtf is this shit. My eyes are burning

  4. TheOrangeneck


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  5. king thunder

    king thunder

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    I'm gay but damn what this video satisfying to watch I wasn't attracted but damn

  6. Verónica Abigail Alonzo Gómez

    Verónica Abigail Alonzo Gómez

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    OMG, the end was... AWESOME!! AHAH

  7. Fret Millen

    Fret Millen

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    That Fight Club reference at the beginning though

  8. cayla rose

    cayla rose

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    Omfg that ending 🤣🤣🤣

  9. JFB


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    I get the symbolism, but... I just wished the song was better to me.

  10. Jess


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    Very degrading and disgusting and refuse to watch this trash. Black women please fight for our collective image. Tired of these trash celebrities. Candice Owens is 100% right.

  11. Crypto Luigi

    Crypto Luigi

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    Buncha Marxist nonsense

  12. Yash Choudhary

    Yash Choudhary

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    feel bad for the black community that this is what the children from 70% single motherhood homes have to look at as their culture.😣😣😥

    • S Turns

      S Turns

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      I can tell you think black people are stupid. Just telling on yourself.

  13. Sumesh Kumar

    Sumesh Kumar

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    how is this entertaining? smh

  14. letzsk8at8


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    About to make it to 30 years old ; never seeded a thot. I was wise beyond my years

  15. Mike Otto

    Mike Otto

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    White people built the world. 💪

  16. deleted account

    deleted account

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    Is that biden?

  17. Jamilette Gonzalez

    Jamilette Gonzalez

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    not me trying to dance like them

  18. AnaDontHaveABirkin


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    Megan ate this up and left no crumbs 💅🏽

  19. Angel Avina

    Angel Avina

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    bitch this was keyyyyyyyy. obsessed !



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    2107 angel number

  21. Priyanka


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    summer 2021 here we come.

  22. WrangWrang is me

    WrangWrang is me

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    Nice meg

  23. King Edward The second

    King Edward The second

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    If this happened to Ted Cruz or Ron desantis I would die laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  24. Devin J

    Devin J

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  25. Idunno Whatyouthinkin

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  26. Hot Songs Library

    Hot Songs Library

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    Wasn’t expecting that ending 😂😩 😫😫😫😫

  27. MrKayFun


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    Yassss!!! Shyanne kill it her part🔥🔥🔥

  28. Melanie MoonJ

    Melanie MoonJ

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    I love this 🥰

  29. Brendon Hill

    Brendon Hill

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    poor guy lol the tub part was funny

  30. Anthony Stio

    Anthony Stio

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    Bro what is this garbage

  31. YHB Money

    YHB Money

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    4 mill in a day wtffffffffffffffffffffffffffff who else in history evaaaaaa

  32. Northern Assassin

    Northern Assassin

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    Pure garbage

  33. Being


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    What is going on

  34. Maurice Moynihan

    Maurice Moynihan

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    A truly magnanimous contribution to the advancement of the arts. Bravo to everyone involved.

  35. Natanahel Suárez

    Natanahel Suárez

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    Too shit 1:35 minutes.

  36. Bryan OnylMusic

    Bryan OnylMusic

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    Megan thee stallion is the limit

  37. LEE


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    Conclusion : *Never Disrespect Megan*

  38. Ashley Hunter

    Ashley Hunter

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  39. Timneisha


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    Megan just don’t miss‼️ WELCOME BACK MISS TINA SNOW 🤪🤍

  40. Queen Maxyne

    Queen Maxyne

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    Today's Best Female Rapper that authentically can sing and dance without lipsync! 😘😉

  41. M. Abdul Rehman

    M. Abdul Rehman

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    Disclamer: No senator was harmed in this video ;)

  42. Ivvy Ivan

    Ivvy Ivan

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    Know I have watched this after @PardisonFontaine posted it...

  43. matthew leavens

    matthew leavens

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    Ew 🤣

  44. Chloe Manchestor

    Chloe Manchestor

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    ❄🎄🔯🎁✨👼🎑😌❄🎁✨👼🎄 *God demonstrated His love to us by sending His Son Jesus Christ, who died and rose from the dead to Give us eternal life.* *He also promised to heal your body.* *If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead* *He'll give you eternal life* *(look up and ask HIM)*

  45. Nina Davis

    Nina Davis

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    Moral of the story: don’t point with your right hand while using your left

  46. boyboy1234100


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    This is so weird on so many levels lol.

  47. boba Thick

    boba Thick

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    W T F !?

  48. Luiz Gonzaga

    Luiz Gonzaga

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  49. Bl9ck de9th G9ming

    Bl9ck de9th G9ming

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    Holy shit

  50. Jo Pow

    Jo Pow

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    WTF?? I did not understand one word of this video!

  51. Dalton Smith

    Dalton Smith

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    AutoTune saves so many "musicians"

  52. The Ugly Step Sister

    The Ugly Step Sister

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    Can we please breathe for ONE SECOND

  53. ay-zuh


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    the mouth 😭

  54. Eric C.

    Eric C.

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    Brainless music for brainless people

  55. Tabitha Ashley

    Tabitha Ashley

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    HUGE fan. And I hate to comment negatively on a video about commenting negatively lol. But as a woman who can bust out any MTS verse on demand; I expected a little bit more especially from the hitting statement in the beginning. Great subject; mediocre lyrics/rhythm compared to the norm. Am I replaying it? Yes! So I guess that’s enough lol It just comes off as a hastily planned idea when I think it could have been another great set up for the sexuality of women and them expressing it. Loveeee the versatility of the sizes ❤️

  56. Luke Collins

    Luke Collins

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    *The old guy probably could've croked at anything on set* 😅

  57. Kassi


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    We stan a Queen.

  58. Ray Arnold

    Ray Arnold

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    This sucks😂

  59. Golden Creamy Adventures

    Golden Creamy Adventures

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    Yes ma'am

  60. Casey Colette

    Casey Colette

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    Mmm hmmmm 🧐

  61. Dailiaa Harden

    Dailiaa Harden

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    Mfs not even listening to the lyrics tbh this song 🔥

  62. Dolly Dazae’

    Dolly Dazae’

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    Michael Jackson movie theater vibes 😌 lol

  63. Ginger Fairy

    Ginger Fairy

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    I saw the makeup process on tik tok so I had to see the video

  64. Brandon Broady

    Brandon Broady

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    At least he can still eat tacos head on

  65. Ronald Andrews jr rowe Rowe

    Ronald Andrews jr rowe Rowe

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    Yassss 🧋🥤🧋🥤🧋🧋🧋🔥👍⭐️

  66. Hidden Valley Ranch

    Hidden Valley Ranch

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    To the dancer twerking on the counter in roller skates: you are a legend

  67. Lashanda Jefferson

    Lashanda Jefferson

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    Yes the women rap hame has been claimed fuck wat i thought are didn't here

  68. katie


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    I'm obsesseddddd

  69. Precious


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    Why do you want black women to be thots? Shouldn’t we be trying to get away from this image and inspire black women to be great?

  70. ansn1989


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    Yessss to natural booties!!

  71. Denka


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  72. bikerboyy_46 Shashank

    bikerboyy_46 Shashank

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    Put it on 0.75x speed thank me later

  73. Jonathan Hawks

    Jonathan Hawks

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    RIP Highway 101 Cafe

  74. Brian Soda

    Brian Soda

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  75. Denka


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    this video is funny af lmao because those dude be really actin like that

  76. Tom Ries

    Tom Ries

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    Portrait artist of the year

  77. Teresa Vandale

    Teresa Vandale

    2 שעות לפני

    I see you have a lot of fans and that’s OK to each their own, I however am not impressed at all. I think it’s degrading to women the way they bounce around pumping and spreading their legs apart and saying stupid things. I wasn’t impressed with Cardi B’s video either, there is nothing entertaining about any of it, in fact I think it takes everything women have worked hard for for years by making it look like all women are good for is to entertain men and it’s tasteless

    • S Turns

      S Turns

      שעה לפני

      "I think it’s degrading to women".. now ask who cares what ya think. Where's the creditability? Ms. feminism arbiter

    • Arissa Goolsby

      Arissa Goolsby

      שעה לפני

      @Reed Plays Games of course she doesn’t have only women fans but the point of her music isn’t to “entertain” men like you sound real dumb

    • Arissa Goolsby

      Arissa Goolsby

      שעה לפני

      @Reed Plays Games are you dumb? You obviously didn’t get the point of the video. Harassing an “innocent” man? He was not innocent. He was representing the problem.

    • Reed Plays Games

      Reed Plays Games

      שעה לפני

      @Teresa Vandale what’s worse, these young girls are looking up to a woman who makes music videos about harassing an innocent man and surgically gluing their mouth shut in a disturbing horror movie-like image.

    • Reed Plays Games

      Reed Plays Games

      שעה לפני

      @Arissa Goolsby only women fans? That’s a horrible marketing strategy.

  78. Denka


    2 שעות לפני

    0:36 lmfao fuck this part

    • Reed Plays Games

      Reed Plays Games

      שעה לפני

      Politician is kinda based tho. I feel so bad for him being the victim of numerous violent crimes.

  79. it's all about yo girl angel

    it's all about yo girl angel

    2 שעות לפני

    You ate that shit up period🔥💜 but all the bars😝

  80. BeComing Nyrell

    BeComing Nyrell

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    😂😂😂😂😂 the end though

  81. jessica payne

    jessica payne

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    😊😒🙄😬🤨🤔😆😆😂😂😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😲 ......... me while watching the video.

    • jessica payne

      jessica payne

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      @Reed Plays Games ??? I thought it was hilarious!!!! ................................and then truly shocking.

    • Reed Plays Games

      Reed Plays Games

      שעה לפני

      Well for me it was 😒😊😊😊😨😱😡😡😡😡😡😡😡☹️😞😳😱😱😱😱😱😱😰 so yeah this video is shit

  82. Juan de Mucha

    Juan de Mucha

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    I bet Bennie Sharpiero is feeling real exposed right now

    • Jake E.

      Jake E.

      שעה לפני

      Hs P(ussy) word is probably still healing from WAP

  83. BeComing Nyrell

    BeComing Nyrell

    2 שעות לפני

    I lost it when she snatched his burger 😂😂

  84. Keeng


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    His best day ever and got paid for it.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  85. TOKYO XD


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    Old dude looks like shaggy

  86. Shellz


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    Please do a Genius interview for this song Meagan

  87. økomorebi


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    I wasn;t expecting the ending at all but PERIOD

  88. gio romero

    gio romero

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    She dissed nicki or no

  89. K Sashank

    K Sashank

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    Whatever happened to the good old days of music...?! 🤢

  90. my name is J

    my name is J

    2 שעות לפני

    All who are in bondage of sin. Yes indeed your lusting after these women. God made women and man to be together but this video promotes adultery and makes men fall to sin. The men who are walking free by the power of Jesus are free indeed. Who is free is set free indeed. Your being encouraged to sin against the Lord. Jesus judges the dead, he is who you should seek. Or you will fall to the deceptive nature of Satan who uses images and words to seduce you through women such as these. Women who can also be saved through Jesus christ. But while those who do not repent continue in with no guilt you should avoid them. They want you under their control. Satan wants all under his control he will use whatever and whoever to accomplish his goal of seeing you burning in Hell. Jesus is the only way to salvation and the only way you can be set free.

  91. HSH H

    HSH H

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    Goddess! Amazing! Badass! I love Megan thee Stallion so much ❤️

  92. Adon Hoppie

    Adon Hoppie

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    Bro 2:30 got me screaming 😂

  93. Crystal Hernandez

    Crystal Hernandez

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    Megan really outdid herself in this video song everything. This song is so fucking hype!!!

  94. Matthew C.

    Matthew C.

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    That glass of water was full but sounded like it was about out when she drank from the straw LOL

  95. MTwitch_ Tv

    MTwitch_ Tv

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