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Immerse yourself in the experience of free solo climbing Yosemite’s famous El Capitan alongside Alex Honnold in this breathtaking 360 video.
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Free Solo 360 | National Geographic

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  1. National Geographic

    National Geographic

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    What are your thoughts on this breaktaking look into Alex Honnold's life?

    • Daisy


      חודש לפני

      I find it very odd they won't release the entire 4 hr El Captain climb.

    • Insirk •

      Insirk •

      3 חודשים לפני

      He's incredible

    • michel leray

      michel leray

      4 חודשים לפני

      amazing !!!



      5 חודשים לפני

      No, why is the image so bad, you have access to the best equiment?

    • vampiresforesl


      6 חודשים לפני

      The script is terrible.

  2. Diana Behney

    Diana Behney

    2 ימים לפני

    Absolutely AMAZING !!

  3. Derek Matthew Cover Songs

    Derek Matthew Cover Songs

    2 ימים לפני

    So cool w 360

  4. Valdas Miskinis

    Valdas Miskinis

    6 ימים לפני

    I had to rope myself just watch this.

  5. Bryan Thomas

    Bryan Thomas

    9 ימים לפני

    Wow, love the 360!

  6. Jel Gue

    Jel Gue

    11 ימים לפני

    My knee is shaking while watching.

  7. Bryce Smith

    Bryce Smith

    12 ימים לפני

    Absolutely Insane!!!

  8. arborist460


    13 ימים לפני

    I ran out of chalk 3mins in from the bed....

  9. john zimmerman

    john zimmerman

    15 ימים לפני

    Quite a paradoxical view of perfection.

  10. john zimmerman

    john zimmerman

    15 ימים לפני

    Quite a paradoxical view of perfection.

  11. Spicy le dog

    Spicy le dog

    17 ימים לפני


  12. Sebastian S

    Sebastian S

    21 יום לפני

    i had to use chalk while watching this video.

  13. beau ferguson

    beau ferguson

    21 יום לפני

    That was amazing!!! 👀👍

  14. Greedy Bastard

    Greedy Bastard

    26 ימים לפני

    Doomed to fall one day. Just use your protecting gear, buddy.

  15. Garrett Ederer

    Garrett Ederer

    28 ימים לפני

    I was like.... why are all the shots bad and blurry? They don't even show me him that much. OHHHH WAIT.... I get it.... I can click and drag and look around. COOL

  16. Jonathan de Ruiter

    Jonathan de Ruiter

    28 ימים לפני

    Things like 3:03 make me feel like this is as much a triumph of humanity's understanding of physics as the remarkable achievement of the knowledge of climbers and Alex in particular. When I look at that wall as a non-expert I can't even begin to imagine the strategy used to attempt that. It feels like something you could never learn to do by common sense/trial and error climbing stuff randomly.

  17. Anfield Times Football

    Anfield Times Football

    28 ימים לפני

    The greatest feat by a human ever and jeez the production team holy

  18. Kasper


    29 ימים לפני

    Moment of silence for those who didn't realize it was a 360 video and spent 7 minutes looking at the ground or whatever. 😂



    חודש לפני

    Alguien habla español aca :v

  20. James Rodgers

    James Rodgers

    חודש לפני

    What a video, what an accomplishment.

  21. Cristiano C.Karnos

    Cristiano C.Karnos

    חודש לפני

    Fantástico, sobrehumano esses caras,

  22. EIon Musk ꪜ

    EIon Musk ꪜ

    חודש לפני

    We really are the best 🇺🇸

  23. Ben Holzwarth

    Ben Holzwarth

    חודש לפני

    So cool in google cardboard!

  24. Vinclow•


    חודש לפני

    gajelassss gblok

  25. zia khan

    zia khan

    חודש לפני

    I'm more scared them him 😁

  26. jason avina

    jason avina

    חודש לפני

    I made the mistake of eating while watching this, and i almost threw up. And its absolutely amazing.

  27. Güldane Kandemir

    Güldane Kandemir

    חודש לפני

    That was gorgeous.I'm really impressed ✨

  28. TerraRyzer


    חודש לפני

    Expensive solo

  29. Wander Dude

    Wander Dude

    חודש לפני

    Why is it pink and yellow?

  30. Leo Steephanow

    Leo Steephanow

    חודש לפני

    Keren banget nih vidio

  31. Yan Budiman

    Yan Budiman

    חודש לפני

    great 360

  32. rajeev dogra

    rajeev dogra

    חודש לפני

    Crazy act

  33. Attention Deficit Squirrel

    Attention Deficit Squirrel

    חודש לפני

    My palms are sweating.

  34. Pervez A Hassan

    Pervez A Hassan

    2 חודשים לפני

    i fail to understand what the big deal is all about climbing a mountain cos it's there plz do it for charitable purpose ---like that. in fact i could climb something similar with my eyes shut👍😎❤️

  35. sean maccormack

    sean maccormack

    2 חודשים לפני

    You are free do you believe in the Gospels.

  36. Chris B

    Chris B

    2 חודשים לפני

    Everything about that video is insane, wow

  37. Ali Mert Yalkı

    Ali Mert Yalkı

    2 חודשים לפני

    Çooooook güzel olmuş

  38. L D

    L D

    2 חודשים לפני

    I am not a climber. But here is my hypothesis. 1. Read and understand Daniel Coyle's book "The Talent Code". 2. Chunk your climbing into segments. 3. Repeat and repeat until you experience each chunk as very smooth. Move on to the next chunk until you complete the whole climbing path. (If you can, do the deep breathing exercise at the end of each session). 4. You can do chunks in any order. With each chunk your experience will cross-pollinate. 5. You must do all the chunks - this is important. You do not want to run out of your body battery before your reach the end. IOW, do not exaust yourself too early when you do the real climb. 6. Do not pressure yourself to reach your goal. Wait for a moment of connection (when your body intelligence gives you a go, something will feel different). 7. Catch the wave then do it. Stay in that zone/flow. 8. When you succeed, feel free to wonder what happened. Enjoy your inner smile. Few extras: 9. Do not get old and die. Choose another sport. 10. For example, try swimming. The goal is the same, to get yourself in the zone. 11. There is no competition. Your body is the rock to be climbed. 12. Swimming will reveal to you all unknown (and unexpected) pain points, like electrical fuses. Each fuse is a chunk of climbing to be solved. Then, be curious about the next one. 13. Unless you reach a stage to feel an urge on a regular basis to sing like a dolphin whilst your head is under water you may not be ready for the final climb yet. Great documentary!

  39. Sunarya sy

    Sunarya sy

    2 חודשים לפני

    My first 360 video experience, awasome

  40. Shane Miller

    Shane Miller

    2 חודשים לפני

    My anxiety is through the roof

  41. Power Gambit

    Power Gambit

    2 חודשים לפני

    Bravo Alex

  42. Antonio Montana

    Antonio Montana

    2 חודשים לפני

    Murphy's law doesn't apply to Alex.

  43. Daniel Cuyler

    Daniel Cuyler

    2 חודשים לפני

    Just curious but where is Alex in the final shot?

  44. Leonid Shkarupa

    Leonid Shkarupa

    2 חודשים לפני

    У этого парня плохо с головой: он отказался от отношений с девушкой, создания семьи, рождения детей, ему не нужны внуки. Таковы печальные последствия обеспеченной жизни. Он не понимает как трудно все достается в жизни.

  45. ömer faruk yildirim

    ömer faruk yildirim

    2 חודשים לפני

    ne güzel dağ izledik.ulan adamı neden çekmediniz



    2 חודשים לפני

    Oy blyaaaaa😱😱😱

  47. Kathie Venske

    Kathie Venske

    3 חודשים לפני


  48. Peter Talarek-Andersen

    Peter Talarek-Andersen

    3 חודשים לפני


  49. Madison Grandoni

    Madison Grandoni

    3 חודשים לפני

    How is this free?

  50. Tanner Leblanc

    Tanner Leblanc

    3 חודשים לפני

    Crazy. At any given moment one slip, one mental distraction, and the dream of falling becomes a reality. This is easily the single best human feat recorded in history.

  51. ben Z

    ben Z

    3 חודשים לפני

    he sounds like mark zuckerberg if he wasnt a ceo

  52. Alex Santos

    Alex Santos

    3 חודשים לפני

    100 limites

  53. Navnit Kumar

    Navnit Kumar

    3 חודשים לפני

    The video is over and I'm still getting vertigo.

  54. Hersh Puri

    Hersh Puri

    3 חודשים לפני

    alex hummold..

  55. Yasmon Kisling

    Yasmon Kisling

    3 חודשים לפני


  56. M : keramekis

    M : keramekis

    3 חודשים לפני

    Époustouflant ! Waouh ! Brrr! avo Alex !!!!!!!

  57. colten tackett

    colten tackett

    3 חודשים לפני

    so did you climb down or is there a trail down

  58. George J

    George J

    3 חודשים לפני

    Mind Blowing 😆

  59. Aphelion Barz

    Aphelion Barz

    4 חודשים לפני

    By far the greatest athletic achievement in human history. If you were to ask me who the greatest athlete of all time is..... without a doubt its Mr. Honnold. I watch this video every single day. If he was able to do this with the same mind we've all been given, then we all are capable of things much greater than we can fathom. The human mind is the most powerful thing ever created. Harness it!!!! I believe in ALL OF US more than you can imagine.

  60. Hawkinson B.

    Hawkinson B.

    4 חודשים לפני

    So you placed the camera in front of you and walked back to do a dramatic appearance how many times?

  61. Doug Bas

    Doug Bas

    4 חודשים לפני

    I am waiting for my Oculus Quest 2 VR headset to arrive. Thank you NG for helping me wait. I have tried to overcome fear of heights and I still fear heights. I do it anyway but with much fear. I have needed to be on roofs, antenna towers, and trails up waterfalls and I do it. but the fear is always there and just controlled. It will be interesting how VR interacts with my fear. Can I learn it away? So far my experience, including a parachute jump, says I will never lose the fear. I can only improve my control and function over it.

  62. Pichu Purchase

    Pichu Purchase

    4 חודשים לפני

    Lol all that and you don’t even show him make it to the top.

  63. Pierre Poulard

    Pierre Poulard

    4 חודשים לפני

    Amazing !!!!! The music is too loud though, I can hardly understand what he says, many times.

  64. NDNC- New Day New Cringe

    NDNC- New Day New Cringe

    4 חודשים לפני

    He climbs like he can respawn again lol :D (Yeah I stole this comment)

  65. gutterwyd


    4 חודשים לפני

    me who can climb the rock wall on the elementary school playground: *PATHETIC*

  66. Chanel charms

    Chanel charms

    4 חודשים לפני

    I wish I had the stomach to climb I was born with a great fear of heights I'm talking I cried on the swigs at Kings 2 minion when I opened my eyes and seen how high I was it's sad that idk how to dial back the fear Idk if it's the heights or the fear of what happens to one when they fall that high i.e. death

  67. oldeenglish64


    4 חודשים לפני

    Probably the greatest athletic achievement in human history.

  68. Eladio Cordero

    Eladio Cordero

    4 חודשים לפני

    Very good video

  69. kenan durdu

    kenan durdu

    4 חודשים לפני

  70. Г .Цэдэндамба

    Г .Цэдэндамба

    5 חודשים לפני

    ohh my heart attack

  71. Wuenceslao Ippolito

    Wuenceslao Ippolito

    5 חודשים לפני

    #1 ALEX IS SUPERMAN YES 👏👏👏👏👏💙💚💛💚💙💚💛💚💙👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💪💪

  72. Elvis Moraes

    Elvis Moraes

    5 חודשים לפני

    Muito bom! Vídeo quase que obrigatório para quem assinou Disney+ e está consumindo o conteudo da National Geographic!

  73. ThePhatWabbit


    5 חודשים לפני

    why is there a purpleish tint over the whole video?

  74. houbice3


    5 חודשים לפני

    6min of heavy anxiety sweat and fear

  75. Robert Huot

    Robert Huot

    5 חודשים לפני

    I'd rather play Russian roulette with a 357 magnum, seriously!

  76. Donal Lyons

    Donal Lyons

    5 חודשים לפני

    Seems to have restricted viewing - it asks me to fix my Paypal address. First time that's happened to me on ILlevel. So it's unwatchable.

  77. PaperGrape


    5 חודשים לפני

    "Humans have no special place on this Earth. Certainly no more than any other creature." ... What a stupid thing to say. Stick to the rock climbing bud, don't become a philosopher.

  78. Leroy Shipp

    Leroy Shipp

    5 חודשים לפני

    Definitely the one and only best video I've ever seen in my life!! It's like you're actually there!!! Just AWESOME!!

  79. Reality


    5 חודשים לפני

    Wats the place called

  80. Summer Alsharab

    Summer Alsharab

    5 חודשים לפני


  81. Starla Nova

    Starla Nova

    5 חודשים לפני

    What a wonder

  82. livenhfree


    5 חודשים לפני

    Sheer lunacy. No pun intended.

  83. Mike McCormick

    Mike McCormick

    5 חודשים לפני

    Quit, while you can.

  84. TheBlaise123


    5 חודשים לפני

    There should be platforms built so people can rest.

  85. Haywood


    5 חודשים לפני

    Anyone else’s hands sweating rn?

  86. Burhan Koç

    Burhan Koç

    5 חודשים לפני

    These guys are so naive .they think you admire them.everyone just admires their stupidity

  87. HonesteBroker2020


    6 חודשים לפני

    This video makes me proud to be an American.

  88. Heather Whatever

    Heather Whatever

    6 חודשים לפני

    I love this. This is heaven. I didn’t climb this difficulty-it was over to the left in The Books but my heart soars at the memory.

  89. Gabby Garcia

    Gabby Garcia

    6 חודשים לפני

    Am I the only one who gets dizzy/nauseous when watching these 😰 I feel like I'm cursed!

  90. Wo Hani

    Wo Hani

    6 חודשים לפני


  91. My Ngui

    My Ngui

    6 חודשים לפני


  92. iza zai

    iza zai

    6 חודשים לפני

    nice to watch in 360...i love alex's voice 💙

  93. D


    6 חודשים לפני

    i cant even climb a ladder............

  94. Slayertoall


    6 חודשים לפני

    I would hate to get back down

  95. Eric Mathis

    Eric Mathis

    6 חודשים לפני

    I know this isn't very popular to say but it's only a matter of time before we hear in the news that Alex has died due to falling. When you are free soloing, all it takes is one tiny mistake, and you're dead. So the odds of him living another, say, 10 years with what he does for a living are slim to none. It is the equivalent of someone driving on a freeway with no seat belt, while driving the wrong way speeding 20mph over the speed limit... . It's not a matter of if it'll happen, it's unfortunately a matter of when... I hope that he retires before he has the opportunity to fall and die.

  96. РОМАН Саенко

    РОМАН Саенко

    6 חודשים לפני

    В это трудно поверить

  97. Boyd


    6 חודשים לפני

    Here because of Joe Rogan

  98. Cao Va

    Cao Va

    6 חודשים לפני

    Iya ya Allah.

  99. CJ Pledger

    CJ Pledger

    6 חודשים לפני

    Even though this was from a few years ago, the 360 view is still awesome! Alex also has the largest balls on earth, so it was an all around enjoyable experience.

    • Daniel O'Rourke

      Daniel O'Rourke

      3 חודשים לפני

      If you are not afraid of heights watch in in Virtual Reality. That is the best way to watch it.

  100. Gummy


    6 חודשים לפני

    Mountain goats scoffing at this guy "I could do that"